Summer Body Care Special!

Treat, Soften, Soothe and Relieve summer skin with

a selection of our body care products.

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Herbal Balm

Soften rough and chapped heals and feet, soothe and relieve burns and insect bites and accelerate healing of damaged skin with our powerful herbal infusion.  Our  effective multi-use balm will have you reaching for more!  more details...

Moonsilk Dusting Powder

Calm, soothe and deodorize chaffed, perspiring areas with our Sandalwood scented dusting powder.   Formulated to wick away moisture, neutralize odor and calm the senses and skin. more details...

Rosemary Lavender Revive

Our 100% Organic scalp and hair treatment relieves itch, stimulates hair follicles and helps to balance and support the skin’s natural lipid production and function. more details..

$14.00$11.90 each Herbal Balm



Gluten Free Skin Care...

Our Gluten free skin care products will leave your skin feeling fresh and youthful. If you have Celiac disease, suffer from Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH) or have gluten intolerance, you can rest assured our natural line of gluten free skincare products won't disrupt your gluten free regimen.

Chemical Free Skin Care...

Our Paraben free, Pthalate free, Petroleum free and Synthetic Fragrance free products provide worry free skin care. There is plenty of talk about the correlation between parabens and breast cancer. Until we know for sure, why use products that contain them? Our paraben free skin care products use the antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties of therapeutic grade essential oils and organic herbal extracts not only to help preserve, but to offer energizing scent and nourishing cellular support to our all natural skin care line.

Vegan Skin Care Products...

We offer a wide variety of Vegan Skin Care Products that are made only with natural plant and botanical ingredients. Ninety-two percent of our products are vegan and all are certified Cruelty Free with no animal testing.